Rosmarie Henke

I’m, Rosmarie Henke, a tailor of traditional costumes from Aschau am Inn, Germany and well known to the traditional costumers in Bavaria, as a longtime traditional costume keeper in the Gauverband I.

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TV Show Sewing course with Rosmarie Henke

Schwaben & Altbayern
Sonday, 12.10.2014 at 6:PM
[Bavarian Televison]

For Rosmarie Henke the design of the alpine costume is a matter close to her heart. This is why the 71-year-old gives sewing courses every year in Aschau am Inn for Dirndl, Mieder and Spencer.

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Article Gauverband 1

20 years Dirndl and bodice tailoring courses Rosmarie Henke

Rosmarie Henke Trachtenschneiderin from Aschau am Inn, is well known to the Trachtlers in Bavaria, as longtime traditional costumes keeper in the Gauverband 1.

For 20 years Rosmarie Henke has also been organising Dirndl and bodice tailoring courses in Aschau and the surrounding area.

What began at the beginning with only a few participants, has today 2o years later inspired more than 100 women from Bavaria.

Already in the Gauverband I Rosmarie Henke showed her heart blood for the Bavarian Garb, innumerable seminars, trainings in hundreds of associations she held in her 19 year term of office in the Gauverband.

What many didn’t know is that as an independent entrepreneur she managed all this in addition to her traditional costume business in Aschau am Inn.

And 20 years ago the idea was born to pass on her knowledge in order to revive Dirndl and Mieder.

Supported by traditional costume tailors masters such as Helene Hirschenhofer from Wolfratshausen, a member of the first hour, Gertraud Meyer, Melanie Meyer and her daughter Birgit Neumeier, who has meanwhile taken over the shop, the courses now take place in Aschau and Landau.

The presentation of the finished works took place in Aschau, and as it was also an anniversary, Rosmarie Henke was given numerous presents.

Gaupressewart Matthias Sellhuber opened the event and thanked Rosmarie Henke on behalf of the Gauverband I for her untiring commitment to traditional costumes.

With a lot of empathy and above all heart blood for the Bavarian Gwand she moves generations to deal again with the traditional handicraft and our traditional costume.

At the large general meeting of the Gauverband I, Gauvorstand Peter Eicher thanked Rosmarie Henke once again before all board members.

A life for the traditional costume …..

Matthias Sellhuber

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Article OVB Heimatzeitung

4. April 2019

Something unique created

The variety of the tailor-made Dirndl with organizer Rosmarie Henke and course instructor Gerti Mayer.
The variety of tailor-made Dirndl with organizer Rosmarie Henke and course instructor Gerti Mayer.

Final presentation of the Dirndl and traditional costume tailoring courses
Aschau – No two are alike: Different materials and different patterns make each Dirndl unique. 60 participants took part in the Dirndl and traditional costume tailoring courses. Recently the final presentation was in the parish hall St. Anna in Aschau.

On three Saturdays all handles learned
On three Saturdays, the participants were taught stitches, seams and handles with which they could tailor the new load-bearing wall at home. The courses organised by Rosmarie Henke and led by Helene Kirschenhofer and Gerti Mayer were about Dirndlgwand, Mieder, Röckigwand or Spenzer.

In two of the five courses, the first measure was taken for the bodice and each was cut to size individually. Because an exact fit is the prerequisite for a successful corset. The elements of the pattern are traditional, but the composition is individual, so that each bodice bears its own signature and is therefore unique.

The designed pattern is then accurately re-stitched and painstakingly backed with Peddig tube, which gives the corset its firmness and emphasizes the pattern. Another difficult work after gluing and lining is to close the corset with Dresse. The pattern is first tacked over each jag and into each corner, then checked as a whole, readjusted if necessary and neatly sewn when everything is in place.

Each course participant has created a unique piece of traditional costume and rightly wears it with pride. At the Gaufest in Altötting, everyone can see for themselves how a traditional wall was created from different materials, with skill and diligence.

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