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I' m, Rosmarie Henke, a tailor of traditional costumes from Aschau am Inn, Germany. I'm very well known to the traditional costumers in Bavaria, as a longtime traditional costume keeper in the Gauverband I. Since 25 years I also organize Dirndl-Dresses and traditional bodice sewing courses.
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Bavarian Television Show with Rosmarie Henke

For the 20th anniversary of the sewing courses for Dirndl Dress, Traditional Bodice and Spencer the Bavarian Television showed an article. It is all about the Dirndl Dress, Traditional Bodice and Spencer sewing course with Rosmarie Henke in the show “Swabia and Old Bavaria”.

Further information on the program can be found at:

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About Rosmarie Henke

My commitment to Bavarian traditional costume

Already in the Gauverband 1 I proved my heart blood for the Bavarian costume. I held innumerable seminars, trainings and events in hundreds of associations in my nearly twenty-year term of office in the Gauverband.

In the year 2005 I received the district medal of the district Upper Bavaria for my engagement for the Bavarian costume in the range culture and monument preservation.

Therefore, more than 25 years ago, I had the idea to teach my knowledge in making of Dirndl Dresses, Traditional Bodice and the Bavarian costume in general.

How to sew a traditional Dirndl

In this online sewing course I have brought in my experience from over 25 years of sewing courses for Dirndl dresses and traditional bodices.

I am looking forward to the fact that now even more interested people will have the opportunity to sew a traditional Dirndl by themselves.

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10 Most important points for sewing a Dirndl - Free Course

This free course is all about avoiding the mistakes some of my previous students have made.
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